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Get set up for success, quickly. 

Hands-on help to turn your startup into a smooth-running, 6-figure business.

All solopreneurs and small business owners deal with overwhelm and confusion.

We know, because we’re small business owners, too. 


You DON’T need another book, blog, course, podcast, webinar or video to help you. 

You DO need hands-on help, a step-by-step roadmap and the support of a small community of fellow entrepreneurs. Along with regular check-ins to keep you on track.


Stop wasting your valuable time, money and energy.

Get Fast, Focused and Productive. 

ZipLaunch’s 5-week accelerator helps busy entrepreneurs build the foundation for a 6-figure business. Get unstuck, scale quickly. 

Here are the Fab 4 ways that ZipLaunch helps you launch, sell and scale - and stay sane.

  1. Live coaching → Weekly 3-hr workshop 

  2. Step-by-step roadmap → real work, templates & checklists 

  3. Accountability → weekly homework & review

  4. Community → interact with a select group of like-minded entrepreneurs

Sheri codezilla chief portrait

I’m the ‘Chief Launcher’ - 

happy to help you! 👋

Hi! I’m Sheri - mom, marketer and founder of a 6-figure tech-ed business, Codezilla.


I remember the anxiety of starting my 1st business. I desperately wanted someone to show me simple, easy, fast and affordable ways to grow my business, so I could have the freedom and flexibility that I craved.

Later, after coaching 200+ small business owners and seeing the same problems repeatedly, it was obvious that the typical 'solutions' being taught weren't working.


Results come from real-life learning and hands-on doing - not from watching another webinar from a How-I-Made- Millions-In-2-Weeks 'expert'. 


I guess you could say that I created ZipLaunch for myself. And for people like me who value being Fast, Focused and Productive while they work hard on growing a profitable 6-figure business. 

We’ve helped lots of small business owners, but the best sign of success is what our clients say.

Sheri helped draft the winning pitch for our tech startup - resulting in 3rd place out of 2000 entries in a national US competition.


Sheri’s been a repeat resource for brand, marketing and strategy. I've told other entrepreneurs to hire her!

Jason Caston

Author of The iChurch Method, spokesperson for AT&T, CEO of Composio

Sheri’s marketing help and business advice helped us grow online sales - even in a declining market...

Smart sales copy, competitive strategy and brand direction at an affordable price.

Sal Ventura

Artist, Owner for 10+ years of

e-commerce business, Ziti Cards

Sheri was involved in the very beginning: branding, app creation, marketing material, strategic messaging and customer target. We had very little knowledge or experience in these areas, and Sheri really helped us organize our thoughts to help us make progress!

Alex Harris
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