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Prior to signing up for the program, I was feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. 

Now I feel more confident in my knowledge and competence as a business owner.

Kathleen, happy ZipLaunch client

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At ZipLaunch, We Follow the Science. 

Imagine a 400% return on your investment.


You can with the The Pareto Principle (‘80/20 Rule’) which consistently shows how 20% of effort drives 80% of results. It’s why we ruthlessly prioritize the 20% that you need to focus on.


Less pain, more gain with game-changing results. 

Hands-Down, It Pays To Be Hands-On

You don’t just watch a ZipLaunch workshop - you actively participate. Our ‘Done With You’ workshops combine expert-led training with hands-on exercises centred around your business. So you learn and implement, step-by-step, with the help of our high-touch coaching and easy-to-implement exercises. 

Real work. Real results. Plus the long-term benefits of learning by doing.

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Get your free '5-Step Startup Success' worksheet
Your 5-steps, fill-in-the-blanks worksheet so you can
quickly launch and grow a 6-figure business!
What You’ll Learn and Do in Our Workshops

We’ll show you how to develop a compelling brand, whip up a website (or optimize what you’ve already got) and build a 90-day marketing plan that works for your business and budget. Practical, do-able, easy-to-understand strategy and sales and marketing direction, plus time-saving productivity tools to streamline your operations and lighten the workload.

Meet The New 'Fantastic Five’

Strategy, Site, Sales, Systems and Success

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Being An Entrepreneur Is Hard.
We Make It Easy, Fast and (Relatively) Pain-Free.

Time-starved and results-hungry? Each of ZipLaunch’s 5 workshops - lasting just 3 hours - can make a lifetime of difference to your lifestyle, business and bank account.

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We were able to avoid a lot of the pitfalls, avoid wasting time and just cut right to the results. ZipLaunch has really position does for a very successful start to our operation.

ZipLaunch provided me with the essential tools necessary to launch my business properly and have a solid foundation.


Sumera, happy ZipLaunch client


Harris, happy ZipLaunch client

Learn more about ZipLaunch. Read our FAQ’s.

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