Fast-track a 6-figure business.

Step-by-step action plan. Hands-on help. Customized coaching.

Are you wasting time, money and energy?

X Wasting Time: Over-thinking the work. Afraid to actually do the work.

X Wasting Money: Over-spending on just about everything (e.g. logo, apps, website, social media, ads, hires)

X Wasting Energy: Doing the wrong thing. Doing the right thing the wrong way.


At ZipLaunch, we specialize in easy, practical ways to brand, start, run and grow a successful business.

Get Unstuck

After 5 startups, we know the blueprint: where to start, what to do and how to do it.


Save Money

Insider advice on what to spend money on (or not) and how to save thousands of dollars getting it done.


Get Customers

We’ll help you identify easy and affordable ways to gain customers, plus do 6-figure sales projection.

Hi! 👋 
I’m Sheri, the Chief Launcher.

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Starting and growing a business is hard.

When I started my 1st business as a new mom on maternity leave. I was desperate for someone to show me WHAT to do and HOW to do it (quickly!) so I'd never have to return to the office again.

Sadly, none of the business programs or coaches catered to my busy lifestyle, my ‘need for speed’ or my budget.

Fast-forward 14 years. I created ZipLaunch to share what I’ve learned after 20+ years of marketing, coaching and teaching, including my real-life lessons on turning $5K into $300K while a stay-at-home mom.

After working on 5 startups, I genuinely believe that entrepreneurs aren't born, they're made. 

400+ small
Marketing & Sales Instructor 
City of Toronto  
(4 years)
5 Startups,
3 launches

3 ways that ZipLaunch can help you:


Mini Makeover

Brand & Website quick fixes and affordable improvements. Includes a coaching call.


30-Day ZIpLaunch

Live coaching, small group workshop (1:10 ratio) on the 5-Steps to a 6-figure business.


Personal Coaching

1:1 customized coaching to get you unstuck and scaling your business with modern-day marketing.

What Our Clients Say:

 Sheri helped draft the winning pitch for our tech startup - resulting in 3rd place out of 2000 entries in a national US competition.

Sheri’s been a repeat resource for brand, marketing and strategy. I've told other entrepreneurs to hire her!

Jason Caston

Author of The iChurch Method, spokesperson for AT&T, CEO of Composio

Sheri’s marketing help and business advice helped us grow online sales, even in a declining market...

Smart sales copy, competitive strategy and brand direction at an affordable price.

Sal Ventura

Artist, Owner for 10+ years of

e-commerce business, Ziti Cards

   Sheri was involved in the beginning: branding, app creation, marketing material, strategy and customer target.


We had very little knowledge or experience in these areas; Sheri really helped us organize our thoughts and make progress!

Alex Harris

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