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"One word: OUTSTANDING. ZipLaunch took us through the project step by step (with) patience and professionalism. ZipLaunch went way beyond expectations in striving for customer satisfaction. HIGHLY recommended!"

Mia, happy ZipLaunch client

Do You Have The Courage To ZipLaunch?

ZipLaunch rejects faddish trends and practices on how to start a business. We believe in time-tested, proven, business basics. Which means that ZipLaunch isn’t for everyone. We move fast. We give homework. We go all-in, but only on 5 key business areas: Strategy, Site, Sales, Systems and Success. So no, we won’t teach you how to become a YouTuber, Instagram Influencer or a 'Facebook ads ninja’. 


Our workshop intensive is best for busy, driven, high-achieving individuals who want to make things happen, quickly. You’re want to work on your business. And you’re excited to participate in our small group classes: you understand that peer-to-peer learning is an important part of the successful entrepreneur's journey. 

ZipLaunch is the Faster, Easier & More Effective Way to Grow
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Is ZipLaunch Right For You?

Still not sure whether the profile above applies to you? Here’s more information on who’s a good fit for ZipLaunching their business.

ZipLaunch is best for...

You are about to launch your startup OR you have a small business (2 years or less)

You are a solopreneur or have a small team

You value time. You’re willing to invest in education that shortens your learning curve and fast tracks your results

You’d enjoy a Done With You workshop (ie. watch-do-learn) - you learn by doing and you can DIY your future marketing 

You really want the freedom of being your own boss -- but you’re increasingly confused and overwhelmed on where or how to start a small business

ZipLaunch is NOT ideal for...

You believe in quick fixes, magic bullets and get-rich-quick-schemes

You prefer a Done For You approach: you want to hire someone to do it all for you

You battle with perfectionism or struggle with self-motivation

You prefer the anonymity of self-learning and wouldn’t enjoy interacting with a small group of fellow entrepreneurs online

Saving money is more important than saving time; you’re content to continue figuring it out by yourself

Ready to roll up your sleeves and do some real work? ZipLaunch is your hands-on crash course (Watch - Do - Learn) in entrepreneurial essentials and startup success.

Our goal? Every session, we want to help 6 entrepreneurs get to
6-figures. We offer monthly and quarterly training on a first come, first serve application.

If you think you’d benefit from ZipLaunch’s radical approach to launching a startup, send us an email today.

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