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Site Workshop

ZipLaunch’s step-by-step, ‘Done With You’ workshop

"If Google can’t find you, you don’t exist" - Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia co-founder.


Assuming that customers DO find your site, do they purchase or send a sales inquiry email or call? Your website is your silent partner - working 24/7, 365 for you - so you can’t afford to leave it to chance.

This ground-breaking 3-hour workshop will help you set up (or clean up) your website so it helps close the sale. Learn what to do -- and then do it -- to ensure a searchable and sales-maximized website every time.

Note: depending on your current website reality and chosen platform, you may be able to make your site - or all suggested tweaks - within 3 hours. And we’ll help show you best practices.

2) Already have a website?

  • Does Google like you?

  • Audit your website’s performance - back end

  • Audit your website’s performance - front end

3) Optimize your website to attract, engage and sell

  • Easy ways to help your site get found online

  • Learn what your competitors do to get found - and ethically copy and one-up

  • How to create a website that sells - brand visuals

  • How to create a website that sells - brand voice and values

What you’ll do in just 3-hours with ZipLaunch

1) Need a website?

  • How to choose a good website template (theme)

  • Easy ways to customize your template to improve sales

By the end of your workshop, you will have: 

The confidence that comes from having a magnetic website that maximizes sales. And the know-how to personally build and update a show-stopping website that attracts consumers over the competition.

With ZipLaunch, you'll get:

Expert advice on WHAT to do, with step-by-step guidance of HOW to do it, to grow YOUR business, quickly and pain-free.

Straight-talk from successful entrepreneurs who are eager to share their knowledge using real-life examples and a simple and streamlined framework.

Hands-on, results-oriented exercises so you can generate real and repeatable results without worrying about missteps.

If you want to be Fast, Focused and Productive - versus Slow, Scattered and Idle - then you need to ZipLaunch. Let’s grow your 6-figure business.

Learn more about the other ZipLaunch Steps:


Do you have a magnetic brand that attracts AND out-sells the competition? 

Identify what your customers want - and only YOU can provide.


Is your website costing you sales? We’ll assess and address with real-time fixes and hacks to edge out the competition.


Let’s focus on the best, most cost effective ways to get customers for your individual business. Repeatedly and profitably.


 Overwhelmed and disorganized?

We’ll show you time-saving tools that every modern day business owner needs.


Ace your sales pitch and develop the mental mindset of a 6-figure business owner. 

Get clarity, gain confidence.

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