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Strategy Workshop

ZipLaunch’s step-by-step, ‘Done With You’ workshop

DID YOU KNOW? Poor strategic direction is a #1 reason why small businesses stumble. Before you invest in marketing or advertising, you need to have a compelling brand that customers crave AND that stands out from the competition.

This workshop is specifically designed to help you get set up for success quickly. Practical exercises and real-life applications to build your brand the right way, the 1st time.

4) Create a magnetic Brand that attracts consumers:

  • Brand Strategy: identify your unique sales attributes (based on 1-3 above)

  • Creative Strategy: colours, images, personality

  • Brand name best practices

  • Logo design best practices

  • Web domain (.com best practices)

  • Social media account names best practices

  • Brand Board for design direction and communication

2) Outwit and out-sell your Competition:

  • Examine your competitors’ brand messaging to identify best practices and competitive opportunities

What you’ll do In Just 3-hours with ZipLaunch

1) Confirm that your Industry has sales opportunity:

  • Online research to identify consumer trends

3) Create a Customer Profile (Avatar)

  • Determine your more profitable customer

By the end of your workshop, you will have: 

The confidence of having solid direction on how to create and position a show-stopping brand that attracts consumers over the competition.

Real work, incredible value. 

With ZipLaunch, you'll get:

Expert advice on WHAT to do, with step-by-step guidance of HOW to do it, to grow YOUR business, quickly and pain-free.

Straight-talk from successful entrepreneurs who are eager to share their knowledge using real-life examples and a simple and streamlined framework.

Hands-on, results-oriented exercises so you can generate real and repeatable results without worrying about missteps.

If you want to be Fast, Focused and Productive - versus Slow, Scattered and Idle - then you need to ZipLaunch. Let’s grow your 6-figure business.

Learn more about the other ZipLaunch Steps:


Is your website costing you sales? We’ll assess and address with real-time fixes and hacks to edge out the competition.


Do you have a magnetic brand that attracts AND out-sells the competition? 

Identify what your customers want - and only YOU can provide.


Let’s focus on the best, most cost effective ways to get customers for your individual business. Repeatedly and profitably.


 Overwhelmed and disorganized?

We’ll show you time-saving tools that every modern day business owner needs.


Ace your sales pitch and develop the mental mindset of a 6-figure business owner. 

Get clarity, gain confidence.

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