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Success Mindset Workshop

ZipLaunch’s step-by-step, ‘Done With You’ workshop

"Success Is 80 percent psychology and only 20 percent skills." - Tony Robbins


You don’t need more hard skills to be a successful business owner. What you do need is the mental mindset to make it happen: the persistence, determination, continuous learning and unshakable self-believe to make it a reality.

This revolutionary 3-hour workshop will show you how to sell your product or service, as well as how to sell YOURSELF as the leader and visionary of your future 6-figure business. Learn the success secrets - all researched, published and validated by high achievers over decades - to enable you to follow in their footsteps.

2) Mental Mindset

  • Knowledge on “what’s your why” (your purpose)

  • Clarity on what you need to do (your action)

  • Confidence to do it (your ability)

3) Success Secrets Of High Achievers and High Performers

  • Top daily habits

  • Top weekly habits

  • Top monthly habits

  • Top quarterly habits

  • Top business habits

What you’ll do in just 3-hours with ZipLaunch

1) Ace Your Sales Pitch

  • Practice your ‘elevator pitch’ exercise: learn how to confidently present what you do and how you make a difference in the lives of your customers.

By the end of your workshop, you will have: 

The mental psychology to know that you CAN grow a 6-figure business, along with sales exercises to help you, and critical checklists to guide you. It’s been said that ‘success leaves clues’ - you just have to follow the path of what worked for others.

With ZipLaunch, you'll get:

Expert advice on WHAT to do, with step-by-step guidance of HOW to do it, to grow YOUR business, quickly and pain-free.

Straight-talk from successful entrepreneurs who are eager to share their knowledge using real-life examples and a simple and streamlined framework.

Hands-on, results-oriented exercises so you can generate real and repeatable results without worrying about missteps.

If you want to be Fast, Focused and Productive - versus Slow, Scattered and Idle - then you need to ZipLaunch. Let’s grow your 6-figure business.

Learn more about the other ZipLaunch Steps:


Is your website costing you sales? We’ll assess and address with real-time fixes and hacks to edge out the competition.


Do you have a magnetic brand that attracts AND out-sells the competition? 

Identify what your customers want - and only YOU can provide.


Let’s focus on the best, most cost effective ways to get customers for your individual business. Repeatedly and profitably.


 Overwhelmed and disorganized?

We’ll show you time-saving tools that every modern day business owner needs.


Ace your sales pitch and develop the mental mindset of a 6-figure business owner. 

Get clarity, gain confidence.

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